The Forked Road

We're talking to people with various backgrounds about what they do and why. How did they end up where they currently are in their lives and what has the journey been like? Each guest will have unique stories and moments where their lives hit a fork in the road, and they'll discuss which path they chose and what they've learned.

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Curtis Blaydes vs Derrick Lewis Fight Night Recap: Lewis Wrecks Blaydes - TFR MMA #1

#CurtisBlaydes vs #DerrickLewis #UFC Fight Night on ESPN was a good overall card punctuated by a brutal uppercut KO by Derrick Lewis, a +350 underdog.
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DJ Hoppa on Funk Volume and operating his independent label, Broken Complex - The Forked Road EP36

We chat with #DJHoppa about his time at #FunkVolume and how he's owned and operated his own label since 2003 when he was 17-18 years old and how he founded it with some friends.
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Leanna Stephenson on interviewing at Google and setting yourself apart - The Forked Road EP35

Leanna Stephenson chats with us about what it's like interviewing at #Google, their recruiting practices, and shares resume tips to help people stand apart.
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Pia Puolakka on prisons in Finland implementing tech, digitalization and AI - The Forked Road EP34

Pia Puolakka, a project manager for the Smart Prison Project in Finland, discusses how #prisons in #Finland have been implementing technology, digitalization, and #artificialintelligence in some of their prisons and what their plans are for the future.
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Megan Shulby on leading projects at AT&T and the benefits of business school - The Forked Road EP33

Megan Shulby chats with us about leading projects at #AT&T, the benefits of business school, collaborating with different teams, and how to leverage an MBA into a better opportunity.
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Eyal Mintz on the significance of CRM in Sports and Entertainment - The Forked Road EP32

Eyal Mintz is the CEO and founder of Fan Interactive Marketing, a company that focuses on helping their clients to fully leverage their data for strategic efforts.
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Hov Mkhitaryan talks 310 Nutrition -The Forked Road EP31

We chat with Hov Mkhitaryan about the company he works at, #310Nutrition, what they're working on and his side projects.
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Kelly Jean discusses cooking and baking with cannabis - The Forked Road EP30

We chat with Kelly Jean who is a performer, writer, model, baker, actress and #cannabis chef. We discuss how she ended up in LA, got into #cooking in cannabis, her show, "Not Your Mom's Kitchen", and how exactly #cookingwithcannabis works.
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Anna Kara provides insights on mortgages and lending - The Forked Road EP29

Anna Kara, a mortgage loan officer, provides insights on #mortgages, #lending, and common mistakes she sees.
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Monica Khechumian on Duke University's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program - The Forked Road EP28

Monica chats with us about #DukeUniversity 's #DoctorofPhysicalTherapy program. She is also simultaneously completing a Master's degree in Public Health from the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, #UNC.
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