The Forked Road

We're talking to people with various backgrounds about what they do and why. How did they end up where they currently are in their lives and what has the journey been like? Each guest will have unique stories and moments where their lives hit a fork in the road, and they'll discuss which path they chose and what they've learned.

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James Lynch on Vettori/Hermansson, Kevin Holland, Sean O'Malley, Chimaev - The Forked Road EP27

James Lynch shares his thoughts on Marvin Vettori and Jack Hermansson, Kevin Holland, #KhamzatChimaev v Leon Edwards cancelled, #EdmenShahbazyan, #UFC256, and more!
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Dr. Ashwin Kumar breaks down Ayurveda - The Forked Road EP26

Dr. Ashwin Kumar breaks down #Ayurveda and discusses its origins and benefits. He goes over the 5 elements (space, air, water, fire, and earth) and 3 constitutions or doshas (Pitta, Vata, Kapha). Ayurveda is an ancient practice.
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Mike Conti on Atlanta Hawks' 2020 Free Agency - The Forked Road EP25

We chat with Mike about the Atlanta Hawks' 2020 free agency including the signings of Rajon Rondo, Danilo Gallinari, and #bogdanbogdanovic.
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Lillie Vinci on hard money lending - The Forked Road EP24

We chat with Lillie about her company Manhattan Solutions, a hard money lender. We discuss how she came to opening her own business and what hard money lending and how it works.
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Diego Hernandez on working at Goodyear and in private equity - The Forked Road EP23

Diego chats with us about working at #Goodyear and Trico Group, a private equity firm in Cleveland. He discusses his #military service and how he handled going to the University of Akron while serving in the military.
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Rich Elmoyan on Geopolitics and Shaping Political Discourse - The Forked Road EP22

Rich Elmoyan talks to us about #geopolitics and how political maneuvering between countries works, the war in #Artsakh / #Karabakh and the current status on the ground, the influence social media has on shaping conversations and political discourse.
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Kristine Kumuryan on aiding Artsakh and repopulating Armenia - The Forked Road EP21

Kristine joins us to discuss the various humanitarian efforts going on across the world to aid Artsakh as it is is approaching one month of attacks from Turkey-backed Azerbaijan. We discuss the protests worldwide and repopulating Armenia.
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Dehmq on auctioning art and raising funds for Artsakh and creating murals - The Forked Road EP20

The artist Dehmq chats with us about the piece he worked on with Art Akopyan in order to raise money for #Artsakh. They raised $8,000 in less than a week.
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The past, present, and future of Artsakh and Armenia - The Forked Road EP19

We discuss with Mihran the history of Artsakh and the region along with the relations between Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Armenia. We go over the attacks on Artsakh and Armenia, how can further escalation be prevented and what the future could possibly hold.
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Alec Kourouyan on civil and political discourse in America - The Forked Road EP18

Alex Kourouyan discusses #TPUSA, civil and political discourse in the United States, law enforcement, and the importance of health and fitness.
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